Water Therapy

Water Therapy for Pets

"We brought our cat to Dr. Tucker and the gang to get a 2nd opinion on his diabetes and fairly severe neuropathy (due to the diabetes). He was barely able to walk, certainly no going up and down stairs, when he drank or ate he had to rest because he could not stand long enough...heartbreaking. Dr. Tucker immediately changed our whole lives. We have been on a 3x per week schedule of laser therapy and physical therapy. She researched on her own time different exercises and splints. Our cat hated going to the vet and now he sits in his carrier because he can not wait to go to "camp"! After only 2 weeks he is up and down the stairs, standing fine to eat and drink, and much more himself. He still has some way to go and Dr. Tucker is helping us each step. One of the most important things she did was recognize he was in pain and got him on anti-inflammatories and just this was a huge deal for us. We kept asking our first vet if he was in pain and what we could do...no one wants their fuzzy kids in pain. I keep calling them Angels to everyone we know because truly everyone there has been so kind and invested. We did not know where to turn and we are grateful every single day we found them!"

- Tara McClure