Veterinary Services

Elizabeth Veterinary Clinic is a full service animal hospital with the goal of providing very personal high quality care to each animal. We have purposely remained small so that we know each animal and owner well.

Services include general wellness for cats and dogs, puppy and kitten care, geriatric care, hospitalization for ill animals including X-rays, surgery, dentistry, ultrasound, on-site laboratory testing, IV fluids, and advice on nutrition, behavior, and pet selection..

The setting is that of a large home. We treat the pets as if they are our own, and have them in full view of most of the staff. Cages of ill pets are not shoved aside in a basement or distant treatment area, but rather in what was the kitchen of this old Victorian house-the meeting place where pets are monitored constantly. An elaborate camera system also helps us to watch pets from other parts of the hospital or over the internet.

Speaking of kitchens, we often go upstairs to prepare special meals to entice our patients to eating. The staff is frequently sent out to buy an individual dog or cat their favorite food. All dogs are walked in the back yard among the blueberries and roses several times a day.

Our clients are an eclectic group ranging from people who have unlimited resources to care for their pets to those who are struggling to stay in their homes and hold on to their animals. What they all have in common is a great devotion to their beloved pets.

If you are a casual or indifferent pet owner this is not the hospital for you.