Top Benefits of Pet Medical Massage

Did you know that pets can benefit from a massage? This hands-on form of therapy is not just for humans. If you receive massage regularly, you probably know just how effective it is when it comes to well-being and recovery. It may come as a surprise to most people to learn that pet massage has been around for centuries. There is evidence of this practice in ancient Egypt, China, and India.


What Is Medical Massage for Pets?


Pet massage therapy involves more than the pats and scratches you give your furry friend. It is a field of animal health care that focuses on using therapeutic touch to promote better health. Professional animal massage therapists undergo rigorous training and education in various areas of anatomy, physiology, and massage techniques.


Some of them receive additional training and education tailored to a specific species. Many work in places that are high-stress for animals, such as service animals, racehorses, and animal shelters. Once they complete their training, they go on to work in zoos, veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, and other animal-housing facilities.


Benefits of Pet Therapeutic Massage


A therapeutic massage is one of the oldest healing practices. In addition to the overall enjoyment pets experience from a massage, they also benefit in the following ways.


Relief from Aches and Pains


Pets cannot complain about a tight or sore muscle. However, that does not mean that their muscles are in excellent condition after a vigorous playing session. Tight muscles press on tendons, ligaments, and nerves, making the pain worse. Any pet can benefit from a medical-massage. However, this form of therapy is especially beneficial to cats and dogs suffering from arthritis and other muscle and joint conditions.


Health Benefits


Like humans, pets can benefit from a medical massage as well. It improves lymph and blood circulation, improves digestion, increases range of motion, and may even help to lower blood pressure.


A therapeutic massage may also reduce stiffness and swelling in joints and muscles, in addition to improving flexibility and sleep. When you massage your pet regularly, you will notice rashes, bumps, infections, or lumps immediately. This will help you seek treatment for your pet sooner before the problem worsens.


Reduced Anxiety


Life can be very difficult for a pet living with anxiety. A slight change in your pet’s normal routine or even loud noises can send him/her scurrying for a hiding place. Anxiety drugs may be helpful; however, they can cause nasty side effects. A therapeutic massage, on the other hand, is a safe and natural way to reduce your pet’s anxiety and stress.


Your pet’s body will start releasing endorphins during a massage. These are natural body chemicals that help pets feel relaxed and calm, in addition to decreasing pain. Regular massage therapy can help reduce your pet’s overall stress.


Other benefits of pet massage therapy include:


  • Increased immunity

  • Improved alertness and energy

  • Promotes faster recovery

  • Improved trust and socialization

  • Stronger human-animal bond


Most pets love massages as much as humans do. Coupled with regular veterinary care, massages will help keep your furry friend content and healthy.


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