The Benefits of Water Therapy for Pets

Studies show that water therapy, also known as hydrotherapy, provides myriad health benefits for pets who need it. Research suggests that this type of treatment has been used on humans for centuries. The benefits of hydrotherapy have recently been shifted toward animals as well. Swimming pools, pressure showers, and submerged treadmills are helpful in improving the health of many pets. If you are considering hydrotherapy for your pet, below are some of the known advantages of this type of treatment.

Enhances Strength and Muscle Mass

There is a significant increase in resistance during hydrotherapy. Studies show that this provides more intensity to a swim that only lasts for minutes. Expect your pet’s strength and muscle mass to become more developed. Because your pet’s gait is exaggerated in water, your pet’s range of motion becomes more extended.

Reduces Joint Stress

Experts say that if your pet is disabled, injured, or overweight, the water’s buoyancy reduces the stress on your pet’s joints, increases blood circulation, and bolsters healing. Hydrotherapy can be in the form of warm baths, foot soaks, water massages, underwater treadmills, or noodle exercises. All these can help stimulate your pet’s nerves, bones, blood vessels, joints, and muscles.

Increases Metabolic Rate

Researchers report that animals burn more calories in exercises done in water than in exercises done on land. Water exercises also help in your pet’s weight loss and cardiorespiratory strength.

Helps Relieve Pain

The movements of the warm water in hydrotherapy enhance your pet’s lymphatic drainage and circulation. They also relax muscles, decrease inflammation, increase mobility, and facilitate better joint health. Hydrotherapy soothes your pet’s pain if your pet has cancer, arthritis, and neuromuscular conditions.

Re-Educates Nerves and Muscles

Studies show that resistance in water increases and stimulates your pet’s sensory awareness. Many pets have regained mobility in their extremities by walking in underwater treadmills or swimming in therapy pools.

Improves Core Strength

Studies suggest that animals tend to strengthen their back and abdominal muscles as they engage in hydrotherapy. As they work out in hydrotherapy pools, they also challenge their coordination and practice their balance.


According to animal behaviorists, pets also experience fear and depression especially when they lose their mobility, become older, undergo surgical treatments, or get their shots. During hydrotherapy, water provides a sense of relief and safety. Dogs, for instance, have 60 percent water in them. In a huge way, being in a pool makes them feel peaceful and calm.

Helps Senior Pets

With hydrotherapy, your senior pet can have a longer, happier life. Studies report that aging pets need constant movement to prevent deterioration. Your pet can achieve a better quality of life through a good hydrotherapy care plan.

You can provide optimal pet care through water therapy. We, at Elizabeth Veterinary Clinic, can help your pet’s well-being through this treatment. If you want a walk-in consultation, please feel free to visit our clinic at Roselle, New Jersey. For more information about hydrotherapy or if you want to set an appointment, you can call us at 908-245-7853 today.