Is Aqua Therapy Right for My Dog?

Swimming or spending time in the water can be great for your pet. Apart from keeping cool on those hot summer days, there are health benefits associated with water activity. Water or aqua therapy will help keep your dog in shape while also helping with pain relief. 

If your pooch has recently undergone surgery, aqua therapy will help get him or her back in shape. Getting your pup in the water may be exactly what he or she needs to deal with arthritic pain. 

Benefits of Aqua Therapy

There is a good reason why many veterinarians recommend aqua therapy during rehabilitation. Aquatic or hydrotherapy is good for improving body condition and it helps enhance fitness and encourage weight loss. 

Aqua therapy offers great aerobic exercises that have a low impact on the joints and bones. From a preventative point, aqua therapy will help your dog stay in great shape, which helps with overall health. It takes a shorter amount of time to exercise in water than on land with the same results. 

Therapy for Strength and Fitness

Aqua therapy will help with strength, fitness, and conditioning. From the moment they are a year old, dogs can benefit from aqua therapy. The water exercises can help all year round even during winter. 

A dog that is used to running every day may not be able to do so during winter when pavements are icy. Inactivity can take its toll on the animal’s health and general fitness. Aquatic exercises will help ensure that the fitness routine will not have to be halted.

Recovering From Surgery

A common reason why dogs get aqua therapy is to help with recovery following surgery. When dogs are inactive, they can lose muscle after six or seven weeks. Most forms of physical exercise are too difficult for the recovering dog. 

Aqua therapy works well as the animal will not have to bear its weight when in the water. The buoyancy and resistance provided by the water make it an ideal exercise environment for dogs recovering from surgery. 

Helping With Arthritis

If your dog is suffering from arthritis, aqua therapy can provide relief. The dog will be able to work the joints and move around with minimum discomfort. Aqua therapy helps even older dogs with muscle loss to get relief from symptoms of the condition. 

The density of water and the resistance that it provides helps work the muscles effectively. The dog will feel comfortable during the exercises due to a lack of pressure on the joints.

Types of Aquatic Therapy

There are different types of aqua exercises for dogs. When choosing an aquatic facility for your dog, you need to find out the services they offer. Some facilities have basic pools, while others include equipment like underwater treadmills. 

If your dog has particular needs, you should find out the best form of therapy for him. If your pet is rehabilitating from surgery, therapy will be different from a healthy dog trying to improve conditioning.

Aqua therapy is right for most dogs. To find out how your dog can benefit from the therapy, talk to your vet. The vet will recommend the best therapy depending on your dog’s needs.

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