How Cavaletti Rails Help Pets in Pain

Pets, just like humans, require rehabilitation when they experience muscle pains. It helps them recover their full mobility. Physical trainers for pets use cavaletti rails. Cavaletti rails are poles that are placed at a pet-friendly height. They are spaced apart to create pathways and obstacles during physical therapy. 

Cavaletti rails help pets with their balance and coordination. The height and spacing of the poles are arranged based on the size of the animal being rehabilitated. They are designed to guide pets in placing their steps correctly. 

Cavaletti rails can also be used for pet training. A qualified handler challenges the pets to go through the rails, encouraging the extension of joints and greater active flexion. Before starting cavaletti exercises, talk to your vet to ensure your pet’s stability. 


How Do Cavaletti Rails Work?

The cavaletti rails are designed to allow pets to move through obstacles in slow, controlled movements to build their muscles and help them regain balance. A pet is guided to step carefully over each pole. As therapy intensifies, the height of the poles is slightly increased, which can be challenging but beneficial in the end. 


Benefits of Cavaletti Rails in Pet Rehabilitation


  • They Help Manage Arthritis

Pets with arthritis experience pain every time they move. This weighs down on them and reduces their quality of life. One way to manage arthritis in pets is to keep them active. The more exercise you give an arthritic pet, the less painful it becomes. Cavaletti rails are designed to keep arthritic joints active, reducing your pet’s pain and suffering.


  • They Help With Congenital Disorders

Some pets are born with disabilities. Such pets require physical therapy to improve their quality of life. If you have a disabled pet, cavaletti exercises can help them manage congenital conditions. You can use them to manage degenerative myelopathy, epilepsy, and wobblers syndrome. 


  • They Are Used During Rehabilitation of Injured Pets

Injured pets require rehabilitation if they are to recover and regain full control of their mobility. Professional veterinary physicians recommend cavaletti exercises. They work for pets with joint and muscle injuries. Pets with fractures can learn to put an equal amount of weight on each limb to normalize their gait.


  • They Help With Exercise

Taking your pets through a cavaletti course is a great way to help them exercise. Most pets, especially dogs and horses, enjoy such activities. Your pet does not have to be injured or in pain to enjoy cavaletti exercises. These exercises help build your pet’s confidence, as well as keep him fit both physically and mentally. 


  • They Assist Senior Pets With Mobility

As pets age, they tend to respond slowly, causing them to stumble and trip. Cavaletti rails can help senior pets use the designated pathways and ease movement. They keep the pets stable and increase their joint mobility. Additionally, cavaletti workouts help them improve their health and general wellness. 

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